Why choosing us?

Unique structure of the teaching method

Our course is designed so you can dive deep into study and your practice. The training is divided into 2 10-days block in a beautiful and quiet country side of Vysočina. 

In between the blocks you will be studying online through live classes from the comfort of your home. 

We are a team of experienced yoga instructors who specialize in organizing educational and recreational stays in the field of self-realization and yoga. We offer certified MŠMT teacher trainings in the Czech Republic and abroad, which are approved by the Ministry of Education and the international organization Yoga Alliance (YACEP).

Eva Drábková

Eva has loved movement since childhood, but only yoga showed her that through understanding our body, we can go into the deeper layers of ourselves, and thus get to know better not only our body and breath but also our mind and emotions. The practice of yoga changes the perception of the internal setting and the dynamics of the external surroundings. Yoga is a process that leads to understanding and living life to its fullest.

She has spent the last 7 years traveling to India and Asia to learn the historical roots of yoga and its philosophy and connect these ancient teachings with modern scientific elements such as Neuroscience. 

In her classes, you meet a blend of flow and stillness to deepen your awareness and authenticity. Emphasis on conscious movement and breath is accompanied by philosophical themes and mantra chanting with harmonium.

Nikol Pfeiferová

I have more than 14 years of personal yoga practice and 13 years as a teacher. I teach with my heart and based on experiences gained both during trips around the world, mainly Asia, EU, Australia, Indonesia, USA, but also from working in a retreat center in Sicily. Understanding what is important for students and my development has moved me a lot in running my yoga studio Pfeferonka yoga center in Brno. You will encounter a physiotherapeutic individual approach, which focuses primarily on removing imbalances. Understanding how the body works, how gravity affects us and how to naturally return to correct movement patterns.

The goal and culmination of all science is to find unity, acceptance and liberation from clinging.

Bc. Eva Berkana

I perceive yoga as my own Being in a natural flow, when years ago it completely absorbed me, saved my life and not only restored its quality, but raised it to heights I had no idea about before. When one truly relaxes, an ordinary flow in the course of life will come quite spontaneously without the need to pull strings and plan and hold the reins of one's life "tooth and nail". And so, in a state of relaxation, yoga makes its plans with me, or I do not defy the highest powers. Which is incredibly blissful. So I do not reject any of the paths of yoga, whether it is a preparation called hatha yoga or other breathtaking paths of bhakti, karma and jnana yoga. Now I let myself be permeated primarily by the spiritual side of yoga, even though I used to devote a lot of time to hatha yoga practices. I sing mantras, I organize kirtans, few are my eternal companions in the practices of mantra japa. I dive again and again into the pit and the niyama. I caught the Silence in the Atmavichara and let it permeate me. Somehow, I often spontaneously work for the benefit of others and in a whole karmayogic way. So I can probably say that I am such an integral yoga adept. Since I am completely absorbed in the path of yoga, I do not work in a classic job like before (paramedic, teacher at schools for nurses), but I have devoted myself entirely to the practice, teaching and spreading of yoga. Saddhana, which I practice daily, is a systematic practice of kundalini tantra of the Bihar School of Sw, Satyananda - advanced practice covers.

We have international experience that we like to share with our love of yoga. We are here to guide you every step of the way to becoming a certified yoga instructor.

Complex study
The training is about intense immersion into:

Asanas, Pranayma and Meditation

Anatomy, fyziology and biomechanics

History and Philosophy of Yoga

Teaching Methodology, Professional Essentials and Leadership 

Healthy Life-style and Ayurveda 

Online booking

Book your spot on time. Completion of reservation will be communicated via e-mail. 


Every teacher brought an important element into my yoga practice and teaching and my life, that I didn´t know I needed. Eva reminded me compassionate. Nikol reminded me of the importance foundation. Besides the excellent, state-of-the-art practical and theoretical knowledge that I was given, it´s really the wisdom of the teachers that made this experience unique. The echo of these few weeks of yoga teacher training will surely resonate my whole life.


I loved how Eva has expanded the Training program to introduce us to how vast Yoga is and everything she has learnt and experienced even beyond Yoga. She has taken a lot of effort to make this Training not just comprehensive, but also unique and very special.

Eleanor, UK

I liked the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, and the strong community feeling, which was created so fast. I haven't experienced that before. The three weeks were so intense, but I liked to live in the bubble with amazing teachers, whom I learned so much from, and all my fellow yogis. It was the best decision and money spent. I think about it almost every day, and I wish I could do more yoga, not only asanas, but also pranayama, and study the philosophy of yoga. To refresh everything, you taught me. It was such an amazing experience, so eye-opening.

Mette, Denmark